In order to fulfill our earth citizen and corporate social responsibility, CoreMax is committed to energy conservation carbon reduction initiatives, abides by relevant laws and regulations to carry out pollution prevention and control, and continues to improve energy conservation performance, in order to achieve the goal of energy conservation.


Emission Management Guidelines


If emissions do not comply with laws and regulations, our Company will face the fines based on the relevant laws of the government. Effective management of emissions will reduce the overall operational risk and fulfill corporate social responsibility


Management Policy

  • Air and water pollution prevention and control
  • Waste reduction and recycling
  • Greenhouse gas reduction
  • Resources conservation (such as water saving, reduced use of chemicals)
  • Energy conservation products and limited use of hazardous materials


Management Objectives

Prevent pollution, effectively reduce pollution emissions and reduce costs


Resources Investment

Set up a dedicated Environmental Health and Safety Office


Management System

External System:

Emissions comply with standards specified in environmental laws and regulations

Internal System:

Environmental Management System ensures that emissions are in compliance with the standards specified in laws and regulations and are checked by the Environmental Health and Safety Office


Management Measures

All plants of CoreMax have Environmental Health and Safety Offices that conduct internal audits. Based on the operational status of the Environmental Management System, we also invite external inspection organizations to conduct audits and propose recommendations for improvement.