About Us

During the establishment

Established in 1992, CoreMax Corporation was a joint venture between SMC AG of  and Uranus Chemicals Company Limited of Taiwan under the name of “Chempro Uranus Limited”. In 1999, shareholders in Taiwan bought out all the shares of the company from those of Switzerland, and changed the name to “CoreMax Taiwan Corporation”.


In 1992, CoreMax Corporation established the first production line to manufacture a series of oxidation catalysts required for producing PTA/DMT/ IPA/TMA. In 1994, we built a catalyst recovery plan to provide regeneration service of waste catalyst for PTA/DMT/IPA/TMA customers, minimizing customer cost and actualize the ideal of environmental protection.


Expansion of operation

In response to the demands of the catalyst market, CoreMax began to expand and build factories to serve overseas customers: In 2001, CoreMax established the first catalyst overseas manufacturing plant in Kuantan, Malaysia to serve customers in South East Asia. Later, in November 2015, as the customers evacuated their factories and with shrinking operations, the plant ceased to operate. In November 2001, the second overseas catalyst production base was established in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China to serve local customers. In 2004, the third overseas catalyst plant was built in Ningbo City, China to serve our massive customer in Ningbo and east China area. In October 2008, CoreMax Ningbo plant received the ISO9001 certificate issued by the International Organization for Standardization. In 2009, the fourth catalyst production base was built in Rayong Province, Thailand to provide catalyst products to customers in South East Asia. In August 2009, the headquarters in Taiwan received the ISO14001 certificate issued by the International Organization for Standardization. In 2011, the fifth overseas catalyst plant was constructed in Gulei Peninsular, Zhangzhou City, Fujian to serve PTA customers in surrounding area.


In order to expand product domain, CoreMax Corporation, in 1999, established the advanced materials and battery materials production line in the Hsinchu plant. The next year, it was awarded government funding of “Development Project of New Leading Products” by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economy Affairs of the R.O.C. to cooperate with “Material and Chemical Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute” to develop high performance battery materials, engaging officially in the research and development in the discipline of battery materials. It specialized in producing cobalt hydroxide and cobalt oxide battery materials to export to North East Asia market. In 2008, it began to engage in the development of ternary cathode materials and set up a production plant in the following year. In 2010, a production line of nickel sulfate was set up in Toufen plant to supply materials for the electric vehicle markets.


Product expansion

Considering the goal of long-term development and expansion of product items, in August 2009, CoreMax invested in Heng-I Chemical to engage in the domains of fertilizer and semiconductor chemical materials. In 2014, we invested on URANUS CHEMICALS CO., LTD. to augment the production line in TFT LCD chemical materials, such as oxalic acid, etching solution, and more. In January 2016, it obtained 100% of the shareholdings.


With different development plans implemented in different stages, the group has deployed three production bases in Taiwan: Hsinchu, Toufen, and Taichung. In the Mainland China, there are two production bases: Ningbo and Zhangzhou. In Thailand, there is a catalyst plant in Rayong Province.


The stock goes to the market

After years of development in its operation, CoreMax Corporation was listed on the stock market in 2010, to attract capital from the market and recruit talent to participate in the deployment and investment framework of related products. On December 1, 2011, it was listed over-the-counter officially. Later, with the development of equity, the scale of the corporation grew gradually. In 2017, it applied for a transfer to listed transactions. On September 8 in the same year, it was publically listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation.



Business Philosophy

Create Products with Excellent Quality
Meet the Requirements of our Customers
Cultivate Outstanding Professionals
Innovate Production Technology
Improve the Company's Operating Performance
Commit to Continuous Improvement
Keep Improving and Continue Advancing
Create the Common Vision