Guided by our organizational objectives, departmental development, and personal competence growth requirement, planning for the industrial environment and future trends, and combining internal and external training resources, we offer a wide range of diversified training courses to enhance the overall competitiveness of the employees as well as the company, types of education trainings are divided into as follows:


Education Training

Newly Employed Personnel Training

Introduce the history, organization structure, benefits system, labor safety and environmental protection awareness of CoreMax Corporation. Make newly employed personnel identify with the Company through understanding the business philosophy, values and future prospects of CoreMax Corporation.


Professional Competence Training

The training plan is developed according to the Company policy, job duty and the employees work development needs, including manufacturing, quality assurance, environmental engineering, information technology, business, human resources, research and development, finance and other fields of professional training to enhance individual performance and team competitiveness.


Executive Management Competence Training

Management officers play a very important role in the operation of the organization, and these training programs are developed based on the required capabilities and the management leadership skills of all levels.


Technical Personnel Training

These training courses are to provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for technical personnel to learn their tasks, pass certifications and obtain operation permits.


General Training

In order to support the Company's overall development vision and goals, the corporate-wide general education curriculum plan is developed, to cultivate colleagues' common sense and concept of teamwork in order to achieve the Company's overall goals. In addition to professional competences, CoreMax also focuses on the personal growth of each colleague, to ensure that all colleagues can achieve balanced development in the workplace professional experiences and their personal lives.


On-the-Job Training

The supervisor conducts work assignments, work instructions and project implementation based on the work nature and individual ability of each colleague to quickly familiarize them with their daily tasks.