CoreMax Corporation is well aware that on the land of Taiwan, it has a responsibility to the industry, society and even to the economic development. Therefore, the Company is committed to implement Corporate Social Responsibility thoroughly, under the premises of continuing a steady pace and upholding social stability and harmony as well as sustainable development.


We understand that in addition to customer-orientation as the highest management principle, we also need the trust of all stakeholders for the development of our business. Therefore, CoreMax Corporation continues to pursue perfection in economic, social and environmental aspects, and hopes to achieve the goals of zero defects of products, zero hazards in safety, and zero pollution of the environment.


CoreMax Corporation valued sits employees, providing a safe work environment, professional training, and also cultivating talent actively to help employees develop positive, innovative thinking, team spirit and the values that future talents need to possess.


Looking at the future, CoreMax Corporation will expand its capacity in power battery materials and strive to maintain stable production quality, to meet customers'requirements, while actively developing new products. With regard to specialty chemical materials, we will maintain stable production to supply for customer's needs. With regard to recovery, we will maintain the recovery of waste sulfuric acid and make efforts in contributing to the environment. In the traditional catalyst business, we will develop new customers actively.


As part of the chemical industry, CoreMax is confident in meeting its challenges, and expects to achieve its commitment to sustainable social responsibility.