The Company referring tothe International Human Rights Convention,carry out risk assessment to human rights issues according to what’s in the<United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights>, incorporate external expectation and communication with stakeholders, identify important human rights issues, to formulate its human rights policy, set forth as follows:


1. Multi-inclusive and Equal Opportunity:

1-1. The Company does not discriminate employed Workers due to their race, social status, language, ideology, religion, political affiliation, nationality, birthplace, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, appearance, facial features, physical ,Constellation, blood type and mental disability, or former union membership。

1-2. Ensure that the employment policy is withoutdiscrimination;that theimplementation of employment, compensation benefits, training, assessment and promotion opportunities are fair and impartial, and provide an effective, appropriate complaint mechanism, to prevent and respond to violation of Worker’s rights and interest, devote itself to create a working environment with fair appointment opportunities, devoid of discrimination and harassment.

1-3. Regularly track the implementation of multi-inclusive and equal opportunity situation.

1-4. The Company does not employ child labor under the age of 16, as well as Workers under  the age of 18.


2. Reasonable Workhours:

To ensure that Workers do not fall into the risk of excessive workhours, the working hours and extended workhours regulations are clearly stipulated, and regularly care for and manage Worker’s attendance condition.


3. Healthy and Safe Jobsite:

To prevent the potential health and safety risk brought about by the type of work, the Workers health and safe risk are regularly review, and according to the identified result carry out improvement plan.


4. Freedom of Association:

Workers have freedom of association, to set up various clubs, and actively advocate Workers to join these clubs.


5. Labor Negotiation:

Establish an unimpeded communication channel, and regularly hold Labor Management Conference to safeguard the rights and interest of both parties.


6. Protection to Privacy:

6-1. In order to fully guarantee the privacy rights of Customer and all stakeholders, sound information management mechanisms are implemented and strict control standards and protection measures are followed.

6-2. Invite all business partners including suppliers, customers etc., to collectively promote awareness of human rights issues and to prioritize the management of related risks.

6-3. Company respects Intellectual Property Rights and prohibits the use of counterfeit  and pirated software.