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NameCASUse RangeSPEC
Cobalt Hydroxide 21041-93-0 Tire adhesive promoter inquiry



NameCASUse RangeSPEC
Cobalt Acetate 6147-53-1 Pigment and textile dying inquiry
Manganese Acetate 6156-78-1 Pigment and textile dying inquiry
Cobalt Oxide 1308-06-1 Colorant for glass, ceramics and enamels inquiry
Cobalt Hydroxide 21041-93-0 Colorant for ceramics and enamels inquiry



NameCASUse RangeSPEC
Cobalt Acetate 6147-53-1 Paint and varnishes drie inquiry
Manganese Acetate 6156-78-1 Paint and varnishes drier Finishing agent in leather industry. inquiry
Cobalt Hydroxide 21041-93-0 Paint dryer inquiry


Electronic Industry

NameCASUse RangeSPEC
Electronic Grade Sulfuric Acid 8014-95-7   N/A
ITO Etching 6153-56-6 Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) has optical transparency and good electrical conductivity. ITO is used in flat panel displays for camera, television, and smart phones. inquiry
Cr Etching 16774-21-3 Can be used as a special metal etching agent for the optoelectronic industry, suitable for etching chromium metal layer inquiry


Traditional Industry

NameCASUse RangeSPEC
Industrial Grade Sulfuric Acid 8014-95-7  Fertilizers, Chemicals, Petroleum Refining, Paints and Pigments, Iron and Steel, Rayon and Cellulose film, Industrial Explosive; General considered the most important industrial chemical. N/A
Nickel Sulfate 10101-97-0 Electrolytic nickel plating. inquiry
Oxalic Acid 6153-56-6 Wide range for manufacturing industry such as rust remover、cleanser and refinement of REO. inquiry
Tin(Ⅱ) chloride dihydrate 10025-69-1 Producing Tin can or used as sensitizer in electroplating or reducer to make intermediates of dyestuff or, experimental reagents. inquiry