Identification of Stakeholders

CoreMax Corporation has multi-aspect communication channels in order to listen to the diverse voices of stakeholders, to facilitate effective communications with the stakeholders. Therefore, through the identification and communication of stakeholders, we seek to understand stakeholders’ concerns regarding the Company's economic, environmental and social issues to serve as references for CoreMax Corporation's management guidelines.


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Stakeholders’ issues of concern and communication channels

While pursuing the Company's growth, CoreMax Corporation also places great store with the opinions and suggestions of all stakeholders. In order to achieve effective communication with its stakeholders, CoreMax Corporation deploys different channels of communication.


AreaCommunication Channel
Employee Area
  • Company Website
  • Employee Welfare Committee 
Shareholders Area
  • Corporate visit, telephone interview, regular release of operational profile information (monthly)
  • Shareholders Meeting (Annually): Prepare financial annual report in accordance with regulations
  • Set up Investor Area (Unscheduled) in the Company official website: shareholders may click and enter the operation, finance, loan, shareholders columns (disclosure of dividends, stock prices, and stock information)
  • Set up Shareholder contact window and email box
  • Set up Spokesperson and Institutional shareholder contact window
  • Electronic communication platform (Unscheduled)
  • Correspondent bank regular (unscheduled) visits to review credit information
Customer Area
  • Customer Visits by the Business Department (Unscheduled)
  • Customer Service Network Email Box (Unscheduled)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey (Annually)
  • Dealer Conference to understand the customer needs (Annually)
  • Email, Telephone Communications (Unscheduled)
  • Participate in product exhibitions, understand of customer and market direction directly (Unscheduled)
  • Customer Visits to the Plant (Unscheduled)
Supplier Area
  • Supplier Conference
  • Supplier Audit
Government/Competent Authority Area
  • Official Correspondence
  • Meeting Participation



Complaint and Report

Coremax has established “Complaint and Report Regulation”, and set internal employees’ suggestion mailbox :, external reporting mailbox:

We also announced above email addresses on our website.

Employees or external party may file a complaint or report on measures or decisions that cause damage to rights and interests, wrongdoings and violations of work regulations, codes of ethics and integrity management.

If the complaint or report is confirmed, for employees’ violation, the person will be punished according to company relevant regulations. If there are any violations of law, the case will be referred to relevant authorities. Report workflow is as below:

Appeal 20220328